For Members


Got pictures? If you have any great electronic shots of you or your family at the Berghaus and/or skiing that you would like to share on this Website, send them to the Webmaster (see under Contact Info for the address).

Click here to request access to our private Berghaus Facebook Group. 

We now have an online form in addition to the PDF. See your e-mail for a link.


Use URL to import into your personal calendar app.

Settling In


Need to find a Berghaus job? Want to change jobs? See the Berghaus Jobs List.

Tips and Tricks for Guests and New Members

If you are a new member or if you are having guests visit the Berghaus, be sure to read this document as well as direct your guests to it. It provides information about packing, parking, food preparation, and arriving at/departing from the Berghaus. Help us keep the Berghaus, our neighbors, and the Hyak community happy by learning from the experiences of others.

Food Tote Container

Everyone is required to obtain a 23"L x 14"W x "11"H food tote container that fits the shelves in the boot room. Office Depot Stackable Letter Size File Tote Box or Staples TRU RED Hanging File Box, Letter Size (TR58303). (Information is subject to change without notice.)

Bringing Guests

Berghaus members may bring guests to the Berghaus without arranging an exclusive reservation. Guests are charged a per-person-per night rate (only). 

The following rules apply when bringing guests:

The current guest rates are published in the application form and in the paperwork at the MOD desk.